Chapter 3. The how to be hot list.

27 May

“You can’t hide in a bikini.”

I am not proud of the fact I put looks first on my to do list but people always judge a book by the cover so it was essential. I would guess that 99% of the people you see, you don’t talk to. They will be judging you solely on your appearance. Remember Susan Boyle on Xfactor.

They say appearances can be deceiving, I hoped that looking pretty and confident would make people think I was just that.

You can edit the list to suit what you find to be attractive in women but this is what I found.

The hot list:

  • Long hair is a must. Sweeping fringe and soft curls is always perfect. Roots should have volume.
  • The hottest girls have a golden tan. Preferably fake as sun beds are not hot.
  • Eyebrows neat and defined. Dark hair should have matching dark eyebrows.
  • Perfectly polished makeup. Made to look natural as no one wants to look like a prostitute.
  • Lipstick always. Gloss when it isn’t windy.
  • Smell amazing constantly.
  • Nails neat and painted. Toes to match.
  • Dress as though you are trying to dress casual but happen to look smart. Skinny jeans, heels, little hand bag and a loose top  for example.
  • Your bag is your personality. Make it beautiful and a statement piece. Not too large as you don’t want to look lopsided on your heels.
  • Shoes should always be heels when possible. Pack flats to walk in, heels to make an entrance in. Limping is not hot, any extended walking will need your flats.
  • A hot body is a must. The gym should be your best friend and your favourite place. Having a hot body is not a chore. Enjoy your exercise.
  • Go to the jacuzzi or the pool often. This will force you to keep your body hot. You can’t hide in a bikini.
  • Push up bra. No need to explain really.
  • Confidence when you walk. Look as if you know you look good.

The inspiration:


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